Women’s History Month

March officially became Women’s History Month in 1987. We can use this month to celebrate and recognize the countless women who have changed the course of history by making it “herstory.” Each year the month has a theme and this year’s is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence.” According to the official WHM website, “the theme honors ‘women who have led efforts to end war, violence, and injustice and pioneered the use of nonviolence to change society.’”

Now is a great time to spark up conversations and talk to all children about women empowerment. Below you’ll find a few fun activities that you can incorporate into your spare time with the kids!



Reading with or to children is a great way to create positive feelings and a stronger bond between a child and books. The following books could all be purchased through Amazon and provide children information on real life women who have done or are doing amazing things in the world.

  • She Persisted Box set for children from preschool -3rd grade
  • Rad Girls Can and Rad American Women A-Z good for young readers anywhere from 8 -16 years old.
  • Little Feminist Board Book Set good for kids anywhere in preschool-Kindergarten
  • Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli Francesca Cavallo for young readers.

Those are just a few options of books that you can use to incorporate learning about exceptional women for their history month. This is also a great way to help you promote literacy in your own home.



Get the popcorn and snacks ready for a movie night you’ll feel great about! There are plenty of new and older movies with strong female characters that can help children better understand WHM and why we should continually celebrate girls.

Movies like Hidden Figures, A League of Their Own, The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter are great options. For older children, such as teens, this great online resource from PBS Learning Media that shows mini films that cover important social issues that women and girls all around the world face.

For Disney lovers rewatch movies like Moana, Ruby Bridges, Brave, Frozen, or Mulan. These films are great for children who may be too young for anything above PG but do a great job at showing strong female characters who paved their own paths despite what others think.

You can use any of these films, and more, to start discussions on how the females are portrayed on camera or ask your children how they would create a powerful female character for their own movie.



Visiting a local museum is a wonderful way to get hands on learning done with the whole family. Most museums showcase a variety of artists, plenty of whom are of course women. The great thing about museums is that there’s something for everyone such as STEM museums, art museums, history museums and more!

Aside from what I’ve mentioned here, make sure to check out the official Women’s History Month website by clicking this link. There you can find more information, resources and this year’s event highlights! Let me know if there’s any ways you have planned to honor women this month.

About Jazmin Vazquez

Jazmin Vazquez is a San Diego native, currently residing in New York. She is a Sociology graduate from the University of California, San Diego. She currently works in the educational nonprofit industry with middle school age children. In her spare time she enjoys pursuing her passions for writing, social media and marketing.