Tricks to Keep Your Ghouls Safe this Halloween Night

For all our younger trick or treaters: With Halloween festivities occurring tonight, we wanted to share some ghoulishly good tips to keep you safe.

The popular hours for tick or treating are 5:30pm-9:00 pm. If you are going trick or treating in a subdivision area, remember to stay in lighted areas and carry flashlights. When crossing the streets do so at cross walks or corners and follow any lights that might be present at cross walks. Also remember to look left and right several times and continue to check while crossing. Walking on sidewalks is best. If there are no sidewalks present, walk facing traffic on the shoulder as much as possible. Staying off of electronic devices can help kids stay safe and also grown ups! Yes, pictures are great but trying taking them in safe areas or before you leave for the night. Making a plan for your route can help you stay on schedule, stay in safe areas you know, and allow you to plan. Remember to stay close to your grown ups or stay in a close group of friends.

Incorporating reflective tape into your costumes can help drivers see you. Glow sticks are another great addition to costumes. Try and stick to soft props, they should be soft. If your prop is not safe, you might want to leave it at home. You can take pictures before trick or treating with the props though to save those memories!

Once all the fun of trick or treating is over, be sure to check your candy before digging in. Check for pieces that have holes or are open and/or if the package seems discolored, toss it. Homemade treats should be tossed as well for safety precautions (unless you know the people and trust them). Don’t forget to check candy for allergies or chocking hazards and above all – stay safe and have fun!

Do you have some handy Halloween tips? Let us know and we would love to share with our younger trick or treaters.

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Rose Rackers is a graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology with a B.S. in Information Systems and Technology. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Florida Institute of Technology. In addition, she has developed multiple volunteer programs for kids as well as worked on internal school systems. In her free time Rose likes to bake, do DIY projects, makeup, robotics, and being outdoors hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, and enjoying nature!

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