The Nanny Blues

We all love being a Nanny. It is a profession that requires passion. Having an open heart to love and care for other people’s children as if they were your own is an extremely unique quality to have. However- have you ever reached a time in the day where you get tired of it? Hear me out…

You love your Nanny family! You adore your Nanny kiddo(s). You love spending the week(end) with them and getting a nice paycheck at the end. Yet sometimes, when you are sitting at a park or in their house, your mind begins to wonder. The thought of doing something else or finding another family intrigues you.  You think to yourself, “there are only so many projects I can do with them…” or “I am at this park way too much…” Maybe your Nanny family doesn’t feel comfortable with you driving with their kid(s), so you are left walking endlessly around the neighborhood, to the same park over and over again. Or maybe your Nanny family requests the T.V. stays off during the day. You notice yourself feeling lonely and bored.

This, my friends, is known as the Nanny Blues. I think we have all hit this point. Maybe mid week- when you think to yourself, “Its only Wednesday?” Or when you have a teething baby who wont nap, a rebellious kid testing you day in and day out, or a toddler who refuses to use the potty. You see, these are all things parents’ deal with. You think to yourself, “they don’t pay me enough to deal with this!”

Yet you consider your Nanny family your second family. They treat you wonderfully! You have it good with them. The communication is open, you’re on the same page with your pay and reviews, and you feel like their home is your home! But sometimes, you get these (maybe irrational) thoughts that something better is out there! Don’t worry- THESE FEELINGS ARE NORMAL! I promise you! We all have these Nanny Blues days!

As a stay at home mom, I have these days. It’s 3:00pm, Mia and I have played with every toy, read all her favorite books, been on a walk and I think to myself, “4 more hours until bedtime??!!” I feel guilty if I turn the T.V. on and take a few seconds to myself. I feel like I have to constantly be stimulating her or else I am failing her. You all know how I feel about Nanny’s and Mama’s- we have the same job! I hit a point where I can’t wait for my husband to come home so I can mentally check out for a second. As Nannies, some of you may be with children who don’t nap, or have missed their nap, leaving you with an 8-10 hour workday and no breaks! I refuse to feel bad about this and you shouldn’t too!

When you are a Nanny, your routine is typically the same. Sometimes these routines get old and boring. You crave for some excitement! A job that requires you to put make up on and have adult interaction sounds so yummy! But then your little one reminds you of how much they love you, or you receive a text from your Nanny parents saying how grateful they are to have you! Although these feeling are completely normal to have, you remember how important you are to your Nanny family and how important they are to you.

The bond we have with our Nanny family is special. However like most relationships, if you get bored you feel like you need to drastically change something. My advice to you- in moments like these- is to remember why you got into the business and why you chose your Nanny family. You are an absolute star when it comes to being around children! You have mastered the essence of patience and have opened your heart to children. You love what you do and you are amazing at it. You love having such a special relationship with your Nanny family. You are reminded that if you left them- that would break your heart and theirs too!

When you have thoughts of switching things up- talk to your Nanny family about it. It is completely normal to get bored when you’re a Nanny. Talk to them about options. Let them know how you’re feeling and suggest options that may help you with these feelings. Maybe getting out of the house and joining an activity class would be fun! Keep the lines of communication open.  Be honest and open with them. It is vital that you take care of you in this business. You are meeting children’s needs daily as well as their parents’. Please make sure you are meeting your own needs first and foremost! Remember how important you are! You have to take care of yourself and be happy in your position in order to take care of children in a positive way!

XOXO Marie

About Marie Mouat

Marie Mouat lives in Alameda and along with enjoying life with her husband, James, 9 month old daughter, Mia and 11yr old dog Kali she also loves trips to the beach, going antiquing and writing for her blog, The Nanny Love. As a professional Nanny, Marie enjoys sharing tips and advice with fellow nannies and caregivers and loves to network and help within the nanny community. Check out her blog for more information at Please leave comments or reach out to Marie directly if you need any help, she is looking forward to hearing from you!