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5 Fun Family Day Trips from the Bay Area

Although the school year is beginning to creep up, summer is still in full effect! From the sizzling days, to the warm summer nights, this time of year is great to spend with your loved ones. When it comes to summer, one activity that always comes to mind are road trips or in this posts’ […]

Cherishing Traditions – Old & New

The holidays have always been a magical time for our family. Coming from a big Italian family, I remember my parents, my sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and my cousins gathered at a huge table with my Nonna at the head. I remember copious amounts of food, laughter and most importantly love and happiness. […]

Tear-Free Travel for Kids AND Parents

Remember the days of traveling without kids? The glamour of chewing on Twizzlers, reading People Magazine and falling asleep against the backdrop of a Nora Ephron movie– all at a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet. Flash forward to the present – traveling with young children – and a startlingly different picture comes to mind. Managing […]