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Rabia Chaudhry is a wife, mother, political junkie and lover of the written word. She lives in the South Bay while dreaming of one day moving back to her home state of New York.

Chiropractic and Kids

As parents, we are on a never-ending quest to make our children healthier, stronger, smarter and more indestructible.  From kale-berry smoothies to kid yoga, what haven’t we investigated and tested on them? For some of you, chiropractic for kids may be your quinoa. You’ve heard about it, but aren’t sure what it entails. Maybe you […]

Tear-Free Travel for Kids AND Parents

Remember the days of traveling without kids? The glamour of chewing on Twizzlers, reading People Magazine and falling asleep against the backdrop of a Nora Ephron movie– all at a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet. Flash forward to the present – traveling with young children – and a startlingly different picture comes to mind. Managing […]

Pizzazz in your Park Routine

While I feel sympathetic to East Coasters, as they slowly emerge from inches of snow and freezing temperatures and celebrate the mercury rising about 35 degrees, it’s hard not to gloat about (or be grateful for, a humbler person would write) our postcard perfect Northern California weather. But with 70 degree, sun-filled days comes great […]

V is not just for Valentine’s Day. V is for Volunteer Day.

February 14th looms perilously near. Like a menacing Cupid hanging in the sky, shooting candy coated hearts at us, reminding us that on this particular day of the year, the expectations to come up with something exceedingly creative and romantic are very high. No pressure, Cupid. For families with young children, Valentine’s Day adds another […]

Discover family fun with memberships to local attractions

Tennyson said, “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Rabia said, “In the Spring, a stressed-out parent’s preoccupation turns to thoughts of how to keep their children occupied during the ensuing periodic days off from school.” Ok, I’m no Tennyson. But angst is angst. Regardless of the ages of […]

Shake up your dinner doldrums with OrderAhead

Have you ever experienced the 4PM freak-out? You know, 4PM. That point in the day when you’re about to pat yourself on the back for getting the grocery shopping done, some laundry folded, maybe cleaned one of the bathrooms, checked a few emails, and shuttled your kiddos to and from school and their myriad afterschool activities, […]